Saturday, March 15, 2014

Three Tips to Enhance Your Website

Do you own a startup business? Get it off to a good start with some great SEO ideas for your website. Applying the right ideas can increase conversion rates, boost your sales, maximize social media use and enhance website security. Here are three SEO ideas that can help your business immensely:

Put a face to your company

Studies have proven time and again that putting up photos of people on a website can increase conversion rates. That being said, ask yourself: How ‘human’ is your website? By showing your customers the people behind your business, you’re letting them know that real people are on the other side, which helps promote trust and positive sentiments toward your brand.

Apply the four P’s of social media marketing

When using social media, an effective way to market your brand is use the four P’s: Perceive (pay attention to what customers are saying about you), Protect (if customers are making negative comments about you, get ready to be reactive and proactive), Participate (if a customer points out a problem, respond to them directly), and Project (learn to use social networking and media sharing sites effectively to promote your business).

Backup your website data

Not necessarily about increasing conversion rates, this step is geared toward making your website more secure. Be sure to use your website’s backup functions before making any changes to it. This ensures that your site will be up and running immediately should it accidentally get broken, deleted, or lost.

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