Friday, February 28, 2014

Flash Movies for Web Marketing: Pros and Cons

Flash movies are one of the products of the tech innovations in the past 20 years. Through programs like Toon Boom, Anime Studio and Adobe Flash, users can create homegrown films with a little effort and ingenuity. However, in the context of web design, SWFs have become quite a bane when you are working to set up an easily accessible site, and even the most skilled of web developers will discourage you against them – with a number of reasons for their case.

SEO visibility
When using Flash movies in your site, a search engine’s tracking spiders will usually miss out on the page’s information because the movies or navigation bars mask the other site links. When there’s little information to work with, the search engine usually drives the site lower in the order of results.
When web marketing experts audit a site’s analytics, compiling the data will be difficult because the presence of Flash materials cannot fully present needed details. They include the pages the visitor came from, which pages they visited in the subject website, and the last page they checked out before leaving.
User confusion
Sometimes, Flash movies are nothing more than decorations for the site. A number of experts say that their presence denies users some needed functionality, like bookmarking a section or highlight copying data.

If you still want to use Flash films, you will need to consult you developer on where they can be used effectively without being a distraction. 

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